How To Christmas Shop For Musicians (But You're A Non-musician)

Ah... the festive time of year is with us again. A time of joy, happiness, peace on earth etc... But for some this isn't a joyous time, for some this is a time of year that they dread. This is the time of year when non-musicians have to struggle to find something for their musical other/son/cousin/friend.

This is a problem that us musician folk don't really mind but yet we see the struggle each year. Usually, we just get told to tell someone what we want and thus theres no surprise. Again, we're used to this but it goes with the career choice unfortunately.


I'm here to tell you non-musicians that all hope is not lost and you can in fact buy presents for your musically addicted individual.

Here i have a short list of possible items which might make your life easier:

(The following items are that of brainstorming and are certified good choices)

-Music themed mugs (nothing wrong with a good mug or five)

-Guitar picks

-Guitar cleaning packs

-Guitar rack

-Cables/Jack leads

-Music related shirts

-Band merch (research required for this one)



-Record player

-iTunes voucher (a gift once frowned upon but i loved getting them)

-Ear phones/head phones

-Music books

-Music grade books

-Music themed books (maybe a biography or along the lines of)

-A new instrument (potentially pricey so research this one too!)

- Guitar pedals (minimal research required unless they're picky about them)


This list is from a guitar players point of view but i think it applies to all musicians out there who understand the topic i'm talking about!

This is probably the last blog to go up before Christmas so i just wanted to say, i hope everyone has a cracking time and remember... us musicians are human just like the rest of you - don't stress too much about buying for us ;)

James xoxo


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