How Do I Get Me One Of Those... Bands?

Playing an instrument can get lonely/boring really quick when you have nobody to have fun with. I remember starting to play guitar in year 4 (I don’t know how old I would have been!) and it was just fun making a tune and playing whatever hymns we were told to. But when I got into year 7, music became everything to me and surely enough, I wanted to get me one of those band thingys!

You might look at me now and think “ woah this guys got a band and their all really cool woooah “. Well, the reality is… it took us all a long time to get here! When I say here, I mean finding the right band. There’s no secret way of getting the right band straight away, or even at all. But I can give you some helpful tips which have helped me:

- Love what you do (There’s no wrong genre)

- Go to local gigs (if you can!)

- Find out where the music people hang out

- Be nice (nobody wants to be in a band with mean peeps)

- Share your interests with your mates (you might just connect on something)

- Try getting some instrument lessons (you might spot someone who wants to jam)

I could go on forever, but these tips may just help you to start a small band or even a jam.

I first met Jonny in primary school and he was the music kid (we all know that kid), he had drums, pianos the lot. Luckily, we became friends and started jamming right away. It might not have been the best music in the world, but it was fun!( And like i said earlier - it became a serious part of our lives in year 7). It makes me smile when i think about it, but it's weird to think, we’re still jamming today. This is mainly due to the fact that we followed these tips and yep you guessed it, we love music… like a lot ;)

In a nutshell, music is whatever you want it to be! For me it was making music with my mates and I hope I’ve helped you get an idea on how to get one of those… band thingys.



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