My Musical Journey: A Blenkin Tale (It’s very honest)

Before we embark on this trip, myself and the other members of MAURITIA would just like to say a quick thank you to everyone who came to watch us support King No-One at Welly and we’re really looking forward to seeing you next time. We were pretty nervous about the launch of our t shirts to be honest, so seeing so many of you wearing them was amazing!

We love you!x

Now onto the fun I suppose it’s no surprise that music has played a massive part in my life as it was the first sound I heard on the night I was born. The song being played was ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ by Oasis on the surgeons playlist.

Many styles of music have influenced and interested me from an early age and I tunelessly strummed along to them on my prized plastic guitar from Woolies. The first song to really grab my attention at the grand old age of two was ‘Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)’ by The Offspring. Even at that age I loved the beefy guitar sounds, the hook of the chorus and the funny video that went over it. It was the first CD that I ever owned and it got played to death.

My musical taste and any shred of street cred that I may have had amongst my nursery pals took a general nose dive when I developed a temporary obsession with Westlife’s self titled album, but in my defence I was only three years old. However, those big cheesy power ballad’s must have made some impression on me.

On to ‘Buck Rodgers’ by Feeder in 2001. I was so excited when I first heard this track that I very nearly choked on a turkey dinosaur.

Moving on to 2003 when The Darkness appeared on the music scene with their over the top glam rock inspired outfits and comical videos. Their song ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ was a real tune to my six year old ears. I actually wanted to fight someone when the Gary Jules version of ‘Mad World’ pipped The Darkness song ‘Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bell’s End)’ to the Christmas number one spot.

Once the early childhood favourites were out of the way, I was given a copy of the ‘American Idiot’ album by Green Day. That thing got worn out and drove my family half mad but I think it sounds as good today as did back then. I loved what they had to say on that record and the attitude with which they addressed it.

It was around this time that I started to learn how to play guitar and tried to play along with every track on that album and all I wanted to achieve was the ability to play my favourite songs.

As a young teenager I discovered Led Zeppelin in my Dad’s CD collection and loved everything I was hearing, whether it was their rock classics or their blues/country tracks. Jimmy Page was, and still is, my guitar hero and I remember being dragged to Ferens Art Gallery in Hull where at the time they had a ‘heroes’ wall. People were asked to write the name of their artistic heroes on the wall so right up there with Constable, Turner, Van Gough etc I wrote on that wall…Jimmy Page.

Other bands that interested me as I got older were other American bands such of Foo Fighters but by the time the school years became the college years, I started to lean much more towards the melodic sound of indie music. After being in a few small, heavier rock bands during school I now would much rather play and listen to upbeat indie pop music.

In the guitar documentary ‘It Might Get Loud’ there is a segment where Jimmy Page says that he was musically influenced by every single thing that he’d ever heard and said that musicians should have an appreciation of all styles of music. I think that over the years I’ve listened to and enjoyed lots of musical genres and pretty much like anything that makes me feel good.

Now that MAURITIA are recording and releasing music that we love writing and playing it feels really great that people give us positive feedback because if it’s influenced them in any way then we’ve done our job. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our Website.

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Sean x

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