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July 18, 2017

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February 20, 2018

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The complete guide to releasing a MAURITIA single

September 13, 2017

Quite often we’ve been asked “Why haven’t we released ‘Tropical’ yet?”, “What’s taking so long?”. We’ve never really answered with anything else but “soon ;)”, which really isn’t a great answer. So, it’s my aim today to explain to you the process, start to finish, of releasing one of our songs, in hopes of helping you understand why we can’t always drop new records.




Step 1 – Writing the song


Probably the hardest part of the process is writing something we all like and we are all 100% happy with. I don’t think we’ve ever been to the studio with a song we’ve all loved. Our writing process can sometimes take us a month or two to finish a song. Unlike some bands from the start of writing songs we demo everything that we do and every idea we have so that we can listen and compare to different things extremely easy. Also unlike some bands we’re lucky to have the space and the equipment to do this without any cost.

Once we have a complete demo produced by us that sounds killer, we send it off to our producer who tells us his opinion and whether we should record it or wait till another time and focus on another song! If he’s as excited as we are about the song we book into to record!


Step 2 – Recording the song


When we’re recording a single we usually book studio time with Al Groves our producer for 3 or 4 days depending how many different sounds and instruments are in the song. Something we’re guilty for is putting too much into our demos and making them incredibly busy with no room to breathe so one the first things we do in the studio whilst we set up the drum kit is go through the song and try and strip bits out to give them more dynamics and more space. Once we’ve finished recording the song it’s time to mix it!


Step 3 – Mixing the song


This part can sometimes take the longest cause by now we’re all back home in Hull and we’re trying to communicate over emails to Al in Liverpool hoping he understands what we mean. Once we’re happy that every element of the song is at the right volume in every part of the song, we have a mix! Now it’s time to master the track!


Step 4 – Mastering the song


Finding the right mastering engineer can be tricky we normally spend a good month trying to find someone who has a roster and who’s tracks sound killer! For those who don’t know mastering is like the icing on a cake, mastering is as important as recording the actual song, if the icing isn’t good the whole cake is ruined. Well I guess you could peel the icing off but who just