Life in MAURITIA: Johnny

Joining a new band is always weird, especially when you've never met most of the members. But I've learnt more than I ever thought I would from this new experience! Before joining the band I didn't really listen to much pop music. My influences had always been really varied, but pop was never a genre which has interested me before.

Now however, my Spotify is littered with pop bands! For the bands sake of progression, I tasked myself with learning to play poppy beats etc which is still an ongoing process for me. Now id like to think that I've grasped some sort of style which the band can move on with.

As for getting to know each of the guys, it's been hilarious and stressful - but overall it's been great. James and I have been working in bands together for years, so sticking with him has made it easier. He still takes a decade to get his gear set up but that's never going to change! As for Josh, Sean and Sam... They're really easy going, funny and most importantly, weird - which is always a necessary quality for a band to have. They all make sure that everything is as good as it can be, and push to succeed - which is a really positive environment to thrive in.

So if someone asked me what are the highlights of my time in MAURITIA so far? I'd probably say the following:

- Recording with Al Groves is probably something il never forget, we all had such a laugh and chilled time working with him! Plus Liverpool was pretty sick!

- The funniest highlight is actually something really simple... Which surprises me with all the hilarious moments of stupidity we're shared together! It was actually when James asked to try some of Sean's wine at Trib Fest! Sean (who by this point was in his own little hammered world) got up off his chair with a massive teethy grin on his face, walked over to James and when he reached him it's almost like the top of his body didn't want to stop walking, so he just slowly fell head first into Jim, who was just sat comfortably on his chair... They both fell backwards over James chair - beer, wine and legs going all over as the both rolled out of camp MAURITIA in style!

- And finally I can't overlook the reception 'Skin' received, over 50,000 listens so far!!

So..? The best gig we've played?

- They've all been unforgettable to be fair, and there's load more big ones to come... But headlining Trib Fest was a big achievement for me!

We have so much more to give to you all, and its got us all really excited! So hang tight for the new single and check out all of our upcoming events... I can't wait!

Johnny xoxox

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