Thoughts on MAURITIA/ August plans!

Maybe I'm a little biased... But MAURITIA is my favourite band. This is mainly because I'm 1/5 of the indie pop group, but i feel that the sound, style and vibe is something new to me. We've all come from different musical styles and paths of life to accumulate into the MAURITIA you peeps see today. Myself and Jonny were previously in a hardrock/punk band that thrived on distorted guitars and riffage, yet Sam, Josh and Sean were in an indie rock band that featured more poppy rhythms and hard hitting melodies.

After meeting in college, me and Sean always knew we'd be ending up together in a musical sense (we'd be a weird couple and you know it) as we always had a good sound together and jamming together was always creative; again this is when we started making this new sound. It wasn't until my first year of uni that both previous projects disbanded (ironically). It all seemed to be unclear then but now we're all together it makes so much sense and we're having literally the best times of our lives... Thats why MAURITIA is my favourite band.


Tribfest is coming up this Sunday. We're performing in the unsigned stage on the last night (sunday) We hope you all come and throw some shapes with us ;)

And our next gig currently is @ Welly club - 23rd September. We're supporting KING NO ONE who are embarking on a tour around the UK... You do not want to miss this funky night!




Until next time!

JAMES xoxo

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